Thin layers of zinc on the surface of IRON parts mechanically deposited by the impact of powdered zinc and glass spheres. Provides a smooth, semi-gloss finish with superior corrosion protection and is free of hydrogen embrittlement.

Using this procedure, high zinc thicknesses between 30 and 50 microns can be achieved.

It is done mechanically, by impacting the metal to be deposited against the surface of the metal to be coated, using glass balls of different sizes in a rotating bell. Unlike the electrolytic process, there are practically no possible sources of hydrogen formation in the process and, when it appears, it always does so in a very small amount concentrated on the surface, a situation that facilitates its spontaneous desorption in a few hours without actually creating problems. of embrittlement.

Mechanical zinc plating is one of the techniques within our reach that allows us to minimize the absorption of hydrogen and, at present, is an alternative to electrolytic zinc plating for the treatment of high-resistance steel parts such as screws, washers, nuts, straps, springs…

Certified quality services

We have ISO 9001, IATF for automotive and ISO 14001 certification.

Type-approvals: these are functional coatings that guarantee specific conditions of adherence, appearance, micronage, resistance to corrosion and thermal shock..

Sectors to which the process is directed: automobile industry, construction, wharves, bicycles, signage, domestic electrical appliances, etc.

Control measures:

  • Fischer X-ray machines for measuring thicknesses
  • Fischer magnetic thickness gauges for measuring microns
  • laboratories for chemical control of the production process
  • External reference laboratory with ENAC accreditation: LABENCOR

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