Installation of high production drums with automatic loading/unloading.

Fine layers of zinc are deposited on the surface of pieces of IRON or ZAMAK by electrolytes using electrical energy.

CYANIDE-FREE ALKALINE ZINC facilitates more homogenous dispersal of the zinc in the park, resulting in a more uniform layer of zinc. Also, as the zinc is deposited in ‘dots’, it improves adherence (ideal for parts that are going to be shaped or transformed later on).

Finishes: white and passivized high-resistance iridescent zinc, free from Chrome VI, with the option of a final sealant (a silicate-based product intended to increase resistance to corrosion) or torque-tension to improve the torque value.

Certified quality services

We have ISO 9001, IATF for automotive and ISO 14001 certification.

Type-approvals: these are functional coatings that guarantee specific conditions of adherence, appearance, micronage, resistance to corrosion and thermal shock..

Sectors to which the process is directed: automobile industry, construction, wharves, bicycles, signage, domestic electrical appliances, etc.

Control measures:

  • Fischer X-ray machines for measuring thicknesses
  • Fischer magnetic thickness gauges for measuring microns
  • laboratories for chemical control of the production process
  • External reference laboratory with ENAC accreditation: LABENCOR

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